A case for CHIPSters

Autor: NEISSER MORALES VICTORINO MD. Director Interventional Cardiology Department – Adolfo Lopez Mateos ISSSTE, México
Moderador: FUNG CHI YAN RAYMOND. Director Interventional Cardiology Department – Princess Margaret Hospital. HongKong.


-65 year old man.
-Smoking IT 40.
-Arterial hypertension.
-History of angina with exertion.
-Chest pain 4 hours onset, transfer to the emergency department of the Hospital arrive Friday 20:00 hrs.

Some considerations for the discussion

65 Years Man non diabetic
Inferior STEMI
Difuse disease: Distal LM Medina 1-1-1, LAD/1Diagonal Medina 1-1-1, LCX/OM bifurcation Medina 1-1-1, OM Acute or CTO? RCA distal 75%.
Sintax Score 46
What revascularization strategy would you propose?
We are against the clock, and we get the white pieces, who is encouraged to the first movement?

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